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Tube Notcher TN-400 Notching Solution

Can you imagine having an entire product line that required you to hand grind your notches?

Every single notch by hand….hundreds of them….for 10 years!

Having a backlog a mile long with no solution other than grind faster, grind faster, grind faster.

Customer Using TN-400 Tube Notcher

Matt Legare from www.lakeheaders.com called Baileigh a couple months back begging us for a solution.

Although he has become efficient in hand notching and claims to be the fastest hand notcher on the planet.

He needed a faster, more accurate and repeatable solution as his company grows.

Lakeheaders-TN-TubeNotcherTubing Notcher in ActionLake Headers using TN-400 Tube Notcher

Matt made the drive from the twin cities this morning and tried out the TN-400 Tube Notcher in person.

We stuck a piece of pipe in the quick adjusting vise, turned on the tube notcher and Matt went to town.

The instant notch produced an instant smile from Matt. With the TN-400 tubing notcher Matt can now batch build his headers.

He can order up his tube, cut his material to length in bulk and crank out 30 or 40 parts in minutes rather that an entire afternoon.

If you need a set of custom headers check out www.lakeheaders.com and give Matt a call. 651-485-8075.

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