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Turning with passion: Gustafson Shaving

Mark Gustafson started Gustafson Shaving Supply in 2012 when he made a safety razor for his son. He enjoyed making it and it performed better than anything he has ever used, he decided to turn his fun little hobby into a business.
Fast forward 3 years and you will find a thriving small business, an extremely successful website and a waiting list for his work as he is now an international brand.

Specializing in custom razors, brush handles and shaving accessories, his flavor of exotic wood and plastic turning is extremely unique. Olive Wood, Snake Wood, Kings Wood, and Bocote are just a few of his favorite materials to work with.

Mark uses our benchtop Wood Lathe WL-1220VS daily and has expressed several times how much he loves the machine. “It’s ultra-quiet and extremely heavy.” He says he can actually lean into his pieces without having the lathe move around the table like his previous lathe, and the variable speed controls allow him to dial in his speed for consistency and the finishing processes of his material.

He also runs the metal lathe PL-712VS to run his harder material and is just as happy with its performance.

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@ gustafsonshavingsupplies

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