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What do YOU know about chips and shavings? Well let me tell ya!!!…

If you are getting tightly curled, warm to the touch, shavings that are brown to black in color you are using too much down pressure or force on the bow of the saw. The color is the red flag here. If you visualize taking a torch to any piece of material and noticing the color changes it will give you a good idea as to what color to watch for in your shavings. Blue looking chips are from extreme heat with a high band saw speed and thin chips are from insufficient feed pressure… You will need to adjust your down feed and/or blade speed. With our saws you will be in a better position because we include a coolant system for every cold saw and band saw model. This will reduce the heat factor. A perfect cut and feed rate will give you evenly shaped, silver in color, spiraled curl.  Kinda like how my spiral curling iron gives great curls…  OH… That’s right you guys don’t use those things… Right?!


Keri Tlachac

Sales Executive

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