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Equipment For Chassis

Baileigh  Industrial Helps Make MB Customs and Top National Dirt Late Model Team Mars  Racing #1 in 2009

MB CustomsIn 2007 Mars Racing was looking for the best equipment to help build their new line of chassis.  They first looked for a tube bender; they went with the RDB-250 Tube Bender with an indexing table.  To ensure smooth burr free cuts, the Cold Saw CS-315EU was their choice.  In order to join the tubes together a top of the line notcher was needed.  The patented TN-800 Tube Notcher filled in perfectly.  Lastly, there are just some times when an extreme notch is needed, for this the TN-300 Tube Notcher was perfect.   Two years later and over $400,000 in race wins, it worked.  The car that they developed, along with teammate Brian Birkhofer, became known as MB Customs. Baileigh Industrial products are instrumental in ensuring that all the chassis are the same and react the same on the track.  The video link below provides a sneak peek into what it takes to build a winner.

Video Below.

Baileigh / MB Custom Using RDB-250 Tube Bender, TN-800 And TN-300 Tube Notcher And CS-315 Cold Saw

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