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Chris Merry of Bend-Tech and the OFN Comments on the TN-250

In addition to having the ability to notch on a bend, the TN-250 notcher is the only holesaw notcher in its class that will keep the center of the tube at the exact same location no matter what the diameter of the tube. Most tube notchers will hold the material the same up and down, however, left to right will change because the tube will sit in the side “V” notch at a different depth according to the diameter.

What does this mean?

Once the material is clamped, the point as to where the center of the tube intersects the center of the hole saw is always the exact same spot, no matter the angle of cut.

How is this helpful?

If you cut a tube to the exact length of center to center of where it sits in the assembly, the location of where the tube needs to be set out of the clamp is exactly a given location, no matter the angle. This is done because the center of tube is exactly over the point of rotation of the hole saw pivot arm in all cases (except if you are cutting a bend).

With other notchers, as you change the tube diameter it will not have its center over the pivot point, hence, changing the point of intersection at every angle of cut. No more guessing as to the location of the tube in the clamp. Measure once, cut once and it will fit.

You can also make 2 different notches at different angle on one tube without having to removing the tube from the notcher. Example below shows a 20 degree notch and then a 60 degree notch on one tube. Piece of cake.

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