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Coming Soon: Baileigh Welders, Designed to Our High Standards

Baileigh Industrial is proud to announce a new line of 4 quality welders:

All models will be available to purchase online later this fall. Call 1-920-684-4990 to pre-order, since we expect the first batch to sell out quickly.

Our welders come fully accessorized with features like spare torches, extra consumables, and spool guns that competitors don’t include. As Andy Pribyl from Baileigh’s Product Development Department notes, “You’re getting all that extra with Baileigh for the same price tag. With most other companies, your price tag doesn’t cover that.”

Another major perk of the new welder line is that all models are dual voltage. As Pribyl explains, “The advantage is the ease of use and the fact that they can plug into anything that a homeowner has.”

Pribyl speaks from experience when he says that the new Baileigh welders allow metalworkers to expand their options. “The welder I have at home is a competitor brand—before we started on the new Baileigh ones. I’m limited to small capacity because at that point I didn’t have the power supply for something bigger. If I would’ve bought something like a Baileigh welder, later on when I did have the power for it I could’ve just changed over, just plugged it in.”

As Pribyl notes, “That was a product that was more expensive, and I can’t use it the way I can use Baileigh’s welders because of the smart nature of the machine.

According to Pribyl, Baileigh’s in-house service and support team played a key role in developing the new welders. “What’s very cool about us is that a lot of our employees are also do-it-yourselfers. One of our employees was a welder by trade. He has his own CNC equipment at home, a full shop in his backyard!”

In other words, our knowledgeable team is personally invested in creating the best possible product. “There’s nobody that comes here just to get a paycheck and leave. We all have some part of our life that touches the industry.”

Those combined qualifications and perspectives helped Baileigh build a stronger product. “We put all of our experiences together—what we liked and what we didn’t like about competitive welders that we owned.”

Our team also did their homework to find out what a larger pool of welders wanted from their ideal tools: “We dug through forums to find out what other people liked and didn’t like, what needs to be there and what doesn’t need to be there. And from there we came up with our game plan.”

Baileigh service and support experts not only made suggestions but also took part in making sure the welders live up to expectations. “The prototypes are being used in-house in our manufacturing process. We’ve been testing them over the past year, handing them off to employees to use at home.”

Pribyl is pleased with the final results: economical welders that can go head to head with any similar machines on the market. “I used to be in an environment where I welded on a weekly basis. I was able to take some of the new Baileigh welders, bring them to my friend’s shop, put them next to the big name brands in welding, and use the machines side by side to produce the same results. So that was exciting to see—something that’s 30% to 50% less in price achieving the same results.

Browse the new Baileigh welders line here.

Questions? Not sure which is the best welder for you? Call us at 1-920-684-4990 and talk to one of our metalworking experts.

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