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From Tree to Table: Luke Frisch and Hazel Burr Design

Woodworking is Luke Frisch’s livelihood. At Hazel Burr Design, he supports his family by creating high-end wooden tables, countertops, charcuterie boards, and much more. “It’s not just important. It’s vital,” explains Frisch. “This is how we feed the kids. It’s how we pay the bills.”

This Baileigh Biography video offers a fun peek into Frisch’s workshop and storage spaces. He displays a variety of gorgeous wood slabs. “We’ve got anything from wild tamarind to cashew to monkeypod and parota.”

Most of large pieces of wood in his shop come from fallen rain forest timbers, ethically sourced in Costa Rica. But, in the end, “it’s all about what the customer likes.” Frisch uses domestic hardwoods, like walnut or oak, and pine, as well.

Frisch finishes one-of-a-kind wood pieces and often adds steel elements for unique and elegant furniture: “It’s all fabricated. Nothing’s bought.”

If you were ever curious about Baileigh’s woodworking machines, Frisch shares his thoughts on how the tools have been valuable to him. Here are some of them:

One major advantage of Baileigh machinery for Frisch is the customer service: “if I’ve got a problem, I just call my buddy over at Baileigh in Manitowoc and it’s taken care of.”

When building a business, social media attention can make all the difference. Baileigh’s social media community has given Frisch an online group to connect with. “You remember the hashtag #BaileighArmy? You’re in the club. You’re a part of this network of people who make cool sh*t.”

Frisch gives credit to Baileigh’s resident “multimedia martial artist” Shane Henderson for raising Hazel Burr Design’s profile on Instagram.

“[Shane] boosted my business from just a few hundred followers to thousands of people following me,” says Frisch. “He shined a spotlight on me because he believed in what I do.”

Watch the Baileigh Biography video on Hazel Burr Design.

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