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Historic Fabrication: Restoring Classic Continentals with Devious Customs

A broke kid with ambition and desire to build customs. That is how Jeff Davy, owner of Devious Customs, says he found his passion in fabricating and restoring custom cars.

“I stayed out of trouble by modifying stuff on my car or my truck. And I didn’t have the money to pay someone to do it, so I had to figure out how to do it,” Davy said.

Davy’s Riverside, California shop started primarily focused on trucks. Over time, though, he leaned into Lincolns and Cadillacs seeing a need in the customs market.

“To be honest with you, Lincolns weren’t built very well from the factory, and had a lot of problems. So we’ve tried to make them have less problems,” Davy said. “One of the things with the Lincolns is there’s not a lot of people that make the parts, and there are no aftermarket parts for Lincolns.”

Davy said his shop jumped into the parts-making business to “eliminate some of the headaches” that came from factory issues back in the day. While fabricating new parts, he remains focused on maintaining the vintage look of classic Lincoln models, most notably Continentals.

Devious Customs Lincoln Continental build
A recent Devious build, which features a Porsche Panamera interior, custom air suspension and Devious wheels, and a roughly 1200-horsepower Twin Turbo LS engine.

Along with learning on the fly, Davy says his relationship with Baileigh Industrial has helped him hone his metal craft.

“I really learned the hard way. A couple of the things I really did that helped out is I did take a Baileigh metal shaping class. That inspired me to buy some more Baileigh equipment because it works so well,” Davy said.

Inside Devious Customs, you’ll find some of that Baileigh equipment. Davy’s arsenal includes machines like the RDB-250 Tube Bender, SH-5216A Sheet Metal Air Shear, MH-19 Power Hammer, and their newest machine, the BP-3305CNC CNC Press Brake.

Davy shaping metal on his MH-19 Power Hammer. Davy’s relationship with Baileigh dates back to a metal shaping class he took, which inspired him to invest in Baileigh machines.

“Man, I love my Baileigh equipment, every single piece. I’ve never had anything bad, or break, or anything go wrong … Hands down, Baileigh kicks ass.”

Beyond building epic cars, Davy has his sights set on a more personal legacy.

“My legacy, I think, will be passing this establishment and skills on to my kids, and hopefully their kids. I’m pretty fortunate that right now I work with my Dad, I work with my oldest son, so there’s three generations here right now. Hopefully it just keeps on rolling and never dies,” Davy dreams.

Learn more about Devious Customs’ parts, kits, and full builds in this installment of A Baileigh Biography.

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