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Live Off Road: A Baileigh Biography of Camburg Engineering

Camburg Racing vehicle in the desert

Camburg Engineering formed from a simple passion for truck races nearly 25 years ago.

“We started with a passion for going out to the truck races out in Barstow and watching people race going, ‘We want to do that,’” said owner, Jerry Zaiden.

Jerry and his friend, Jason Campbell have operated their Huntington Beach-based manufacturing shop together ever since. Today, their expertise spans a wide array of crafting automotive parts to construct high-end off-road suspension and high-end off-road race vehicles.

“We have all kinds of products that we make here using Baileigh equipment,” he said. “All the high-quality stuff that we make, you can make in your garage using that same equipment.”

Jerry Zaiden showing his Baileigh Hydraulic Shop Press.
Jerry Zaiden and Camburg Engineering use Baileigh equipment to craft high-end off-road vehicles, including the HSP-10H Hydraulic Shop Press shown here.

For Jerry’s shop, though, it not so much about the parts as it is about the people.

“I’ve had guys where their fingers say, ‘Weld Hard’ across their fingers,” Jerry said of the passion he sees in his shop. “We are providing rad parts that they get to weld. But they have pride in welding these parts because they know they’re really high-end parts. And they just are stoked they get to weld that part together.”

Jerry says his team is constantly pushing the limits of fabrication and craftsmanship, all with the help of Baileigh equipment.

“Baileigh makes equipment for everything, small to massive,” Jerry said.

Camburg Racing's Baileigh R-M55 Ring Roller.
Jerry Zaiden using his Baileigh Industrial R-M55 Ring Roller.

Baileigh machinery is seen across the Camburg shop, their arsenal including the TN-400 Abrasive Notcher, BG-248-3 Belt Grinder, R-M55 Ring Roller, BSV-14VS-V2 Vertical Band Saw, and the HSP-10H Hydraulic Shop Press.

Camburg has become a family endeavor for Jerry and Jason, with both getting their sons and daughters into truck racing, something they refer to as “Generations” as they pass their passion down to the youth.

“I’m just getting to do what I love to do,” Jerry said. “I live it, I live off-road…If it’s got an engine and it goes fast, it’s cool, I love it.” Learn more about Jerry and Camburg in in this installment of A Baileigh Biography. Join Jerry in his shop as he shows off some of the technical fabrication his team is working on as they construct some amazing off-road vehicles.

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