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Metal Art and Patriotism: A Baileigh Biography of Metal Art of Wisconsin

A common thread runs through Metal Art of Wisconsin’s production: patriotism. Step inside Shane and Justis Henderson’s shop to see beautifully meticulous metal art proudly displaying symbols of Americana.

Shane started Metal Art of Wisconsin in 2013 with his son, Justis, after bringing home a Baileigh Industrial plasma table. The father-son duo saw a quick and unexpected rise to success and has since maintained one of the largest metal art pages on Instagram.

“We brought the table home, learned the software and started cutting metal art,” Shane said. “We cut a couple of flags and put them on an Instagram page. We woke up and our business went viral overnight. Completely unexpected, we weren’t planning on it.”

Shane and Justis’ first plasma table, the launching pad for the duo’s rapid success.

At the time, the duo didn’t even have their own shop but were quickly seeing backorders pile up. Now, Shane and Company’s Manitowoc, Wisconsin shop is filled with Baileigh machinery and pumping out art like metal flags, wood flags, carbon fiber flags, and concealment cabinets and bars.

“A huge part of the brand is our patriot flags, first responder flags, tattered flags, patriotic eagles,” Shane said. “It’s a patriotic company. We build our products with as much local supplies as we can.”

Shane showing off one of his Zero Gravity Bootlegger Bars, which features biometric locks and patented torsion springs for a zero-gravity effect.

In addition to his plasma table, Shane’s Baileigh arsenal includes a WBS-14 Woodworking Bandsaw, a BP-3305CNC Press Brake, a BB-4816M Magnetic Brake, a woodworking planer, and several hydraulic carts that Shane praises.

“No joke, this sounds funny, but the number one used Baileigh machines we have are these B-Carts. These hydraulic carts are unbelievable,” Shane said. “These things have miles all over here.”

Shane and Justis’ success has grown to a second shop across the street, which houses Flags by Justis. This venture for Justis gives him a space to craft his own line of metal art flags that are hand crafted and painted, and uniquely colored with a chemical patina.

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