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Tony Raley from Hi-Speed Customs Shines on Tucson TV

Tony Raley from Hi-Speed Rods & Customs recently rocked an interview on KGUN 9’s The Morning Blend.

He showed off a modified wheel opening for a 1933-1934 Ford and got to tell the show’s large local audience about Hi-Speed Rods & Customs. This nationally recognized fabrication shop can tackle anything from general auto maintenance to complex classic car restorations and customizations.

Raley jumped at the chance to teach the public about metalworking in general. “Some guys say this is a craft trade, and some people say this is pure artistry, artistry in motion,” he explained. “I think it’s a blend of both.”

With today’s tools and design technology, Raley says, “The only limitation is whatever the imagination can come up with. If you can make something onscreen, chances are we can make it in full scale.”

He also praised Baileigh’s role in keeping fabrication alive: “What sets Baileigh apart… is the fact that they do the R&D with today’s technology for old-world craftsmanship, so that we can continue the trade.

Raley used his PH-28HD power hammer as an example: “That’s designed off of old-world technology, but really it’s updated with today’s electronics for user-friendliness and accessibility and cost.”

At Baileigh, we love connecting our customers with opportunities like this. We arranged for Raley to show off his skills and promote his business on TV. And we hope to do the same for you someday.

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Follow Tony Raley on Instagram and be sure to check out Hi-Speed Rods & Customs.

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