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Tour a Baileigh Industrial Dream Shop at Cornfield Customs

Step inside Cornfield Customs, a Baileigh metalworking haven. Specializing in 1926 to 1934 Ford hot rods, street cars, and sheet metal shaping, Mike Wagner’s shop sits just outside of Cincinnati and is filled with Baileigh metalworking machines.  

This year marks 15 years in business for Mike and Cornfield Customs. Their current location even carries local history, previously serving as an archery range and a grand piano restoration shop.

Earlier this year, Mike welcomed us into his shop to see all his Baileigh machines at work. Notably, Mike’s shop includes the Baileigh EW-37HD wheeling machine.

“This was my first large sheet metal shaping piece of equipment I ever bought,” Mike said. While he has since switched focus to power hammer work, Mike said he still uses the wheel to form panels.

Learn more about what Mike is using his Baileigh Industrial machines to craft in our video tour:

Baileigh machines featured in Cornfield Customs’ shop include:

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